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Re: heads up

   >    There is a major difference between the GNU/Hurd and all the
   >    Linux and BSD ports.  We are creating a new os.
   > I fail to see who exactly is creating a new OS.

   Those people who are hacking the GNU Hurd and not playing Hurd

Then you can't mean Debian GNU/Hurd.

   > I know you cannot mean Debian GNU/Hurd, since it is a second
   > class citizen within Debian and will _always_ be a second class
   > citizen.

   Why? Evidence?

Debian.  Look around you, Debian GNU/Hurd must always defend anything
that is done differently.

   Debian is made up of people with widely differing views, so some
   will be interested in new os's, others indifferent, yet others
   anti.  Your statement is missleading.

It isn't, it is quite accurate.  Debian's main goal is to provide a
single operating system, and that is Debian GNU/Linux.  People will
complain for the sake of complaining that Debian GNU/Hurd does
something differently from Debian GNU/Linux.  See the recent
"discussion" about /hurd and the FHS, and see past discussions about
similar topics.

   > I also know that you cannot mean the GNU system, since "we"
   > consists of less people then there are people hacking on the Hurd
   > right now.

   What do you mean?

Sorry, I don't understand.


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