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Re: FHS compliance

Scribit Marco Gerards dies 16/03/2005 hora 20:06:
> May I ask you why you care that much about the FHS? 

As an admin, I found it useful. Like many other standards, it avoids
that every single projet deal common problems in a way that is
incompatible with others (or just different, as far as learning them is

For people working on different UNIX-like systems, and with the FHS, one
only have to know the FHS organization, instead of haivng to learn
zillions of FS structures.

> I almost hate the FHS because of all those useless discussions about
> it on the Hurd mailinglists.

If it's a frequenty asked question, why about putting a complete and
clean answser in the Hurd's FAQ, with pros and cons?

> Sometimes I wonder why people don't hack instead of discussing things
> forever.

I learned that discussing before acting is an intelligent way of doing
things. It's not an excuse to waste energy in never-ending discussions,
but just acting is not always A Good Thing.

Before coding, I like to build specifications of my future work, for

> Is it *REALLY* that important if there are two extra directories on
> GNU/Hurd?

It would just be very comfortable to newcomers in Hurd if things were in
standard places they have already learned about.

> How about /sys in GNU/Linux, etc?

Did someone on this list meant that /sys was a good thing, or was

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