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Re: SSH, ping KILLED

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Stou Sandalski wrote:

> I just installed the hurd, setup networking (i can ping the box from
> other machines), but when i try "ping" or "SSH user@host" it produces
> only output of KILLED, and dies.
> Also sshd starts up, but everytime i try to ssh into it, it dies, sshd
> -de produces normal looking output untill it gets to a pam related
> line, and then KILLED.

You probably need /dev/random and/or /dev/urandom for ssh to work.
Since my Hurd is not accesible from the outside world, I usually do this:

gzip -c /bin/bash > /dev/urandom

(or any other big file) and it sort of works.

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