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Re: heads up

   It would be easy to change /usr; we would need to have shadow
   translators, make existing packages install (which is trivial with
   the /usr->/ symlink), and so forth.

We don't have a /usr -> / symlink anymore.  It is optional, and the
default is to create a seperate /usr directory, and only time you can
choose to use it is when you install a new crosshurd which isn't done
by many users.

   What kind of redesign of the .deb format would you like?  (You do
   know that .deb is just ar, right?)

.deb is not "just ar".  Removing pre/post install/uninstall scripts
would be a good start since you can't run them if you are a
translator.  Then removing dpkg could be a nice second.

   What sort of translator do you imagine for /share/info?

/share/info/dir being a translator that always provides a updated dir
entry for info readers to use.  Put a info page into /share/info and
viola, a entry in /share/info/dir pops up.

   I think these are easy.  You just give the right patch, and say
   "this provides a very nice feature on GNU/Hurd" and you're done.
   We have not had much problem in this regard.

Sure, and that is why we have a nice warm flame war about /hurd each
year right (although, always from people who have no clue about the
issues involved)?

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