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Re: FHS compliance

Pierre THIERRY <nowhere.man@levallois.eu.org> writes:

> But they are binaries that make the system work, so they would fit in
> /sbin:
>   ``/sbin contains binaries essential for booting, restoring,
>   recovering, and/or repairing the system''
> As I don't have (yet) a working Hurd system on one of my machines, could
> someone list me the content of a typical /hurd?

Please don't argue for the sake of arguing; we gave you the reason

FHS assumes that every program works from the shell. Hurd servers
don't really work from the shell.  What the FHS calls "binaries" are
only some executables on the Hurd; we have other executables that
don't work like FHS "binaries", gotcha?

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