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Re: heads up


Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> writes:

>> We do?  Guillem and Michael are active DDs.  Who else?  Thomas is I
>> think. What about Marcus and Neal, are they both DDs?
> I am, and Marcus is.

I am at the end of the NM process, accepted by the DAM, but still
waiting for an account. This should nevertheless be sufficient.

I'm active and already trying to help for Debian GNU/Hurd packaging
since a while.

>> Define users.  Currently running an active Hurd box???  That may be
>> harder to quantify.
> It's a rule of thumb.  Fifty people saying "yes, I'm a user" may be
> what's needed.  If everything else is met, this shouldn't be hard.

Yes, I'm a user.

Please note that HurdFr has got a HurdBox being prepared for
autobuilding packages (already advertised on #hurd/#hug).

Asking for having one of the autobuilder's pool always up should be a
sufficient criteria ; we could acheive that and push this modified
criteria to the release-team draft.

Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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