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Re: perl-modules lack some .pm on Hurd

"Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams@kemisten.nu> writes:

> This kind of attitude isn't helpful.  Can you provide more information
> about the problem instead of trying to start a flamewar?  Maybe your
> system is broken, have you experienced the behaviour you noted on
> other systems?

There is no flamewar, but misunderstanding.

The fact is my system is runing fine, that perl-modules were
dist-upgraded the same day, and so i thought their was a problem but was
working on porting another package and didn't want to be distracted by
another problem. So i did report, not complain, without time for further
investigation at once.

I did not find the same behavior on other HurdFr machines, and Manuel
reinstalled perl and files are now there, so you may be right in your
guess womething was fucked up.

Sorry if my approximate english lead to misunderstanding.

Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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