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Re: heads up

   Alfred, can you show the document that their plan is now making
   "Debian GNU/Linux"?

I dislike these kind of silly questions since they serve no point.
Ask a DD or the DPL if the point of Debian is to create Debian
GNU/Hurd or Debian GNU/Linux.  Look around www.debian.org.

   Let's try again. What do you mean with this:

     I also know that you cannot mean the GNU system, since "we"
     consists of less people then there are people hacking on the Hurd
     right now.

I still do not understand what the unclear bit about that sentence is.
Phillip said something along the lines that "we are creating a new
operating system", and I asked who "we" was.  It cannot be Debian, nor
can it be GNU.  It can't be Debian since they aren't interested in
creating something new, and it cannot be GNU since nobody here is
involved in creating the GNU system.

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