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Re: FHS compliance

   > What the FHS calls "binaries" are only some executables on the
   > Hurd; we have other executables that don't work like FHS
   > "binaries", gotcha?

   Sincerely, I'm not sure I see why it is needed to make a
   difference. I may ask the question from a different point of view:
   does it harm to respect FHS and put what is in /hurd in /sbin and

The FHS is respected, nothing prohibits the system distributor of
creating directories in /.

It makes perfect sense of keeping all translators in a central
directory, since you (I think it was you atleast) haven't used the
Hurd or GNU/Hurd, it is better that you try it before making claims as
to how things should be organised.  Typing "ext2fs" at the command
line, and getting that utterly annoyin "this program must be started
as a translator", is not useful, hence they are in their own
directory, that is not in PATH.

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