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Re: Question about NAT on Debian GNU/Hurd

rafael alfaro <alfarosandoval@navegante.com.sv> writes:

> Hi all!  I am from El Salvador (Central America), an electronics
> undergraduate and I want to collaborate with this project, I want to
> know if somebody already has written code to implement NAT, if it is not
> thus, I want to do this like thesis in my university.
> Is somebody  working in this?  
> or is already done all the work about NAT?

At the moment we are using the TCP/IP stack from Linux, including
NAT.  The only problem is that the firewall code is not enabled.  It
might be quite hard to enable it, or not, no one tried.  It will be
some work but not as hard as implementing it from scratch.  I have no
idea if this would be too easy for your thesis.

The other option is re-implementing the TCP/IP stack (see the email I
sent to bug-hurd yesterday).  I planned to work on that in some months
during my summer holidays.  This will, of course, include NAT and

So you can enable the NAT in the current TCP/IP stack.  If that is too
easy you could think of other tasks or otherwise people here might
have ideas, depending on what you would like to do.


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