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Re: heads up

"Barry deFreese" <bddebian@comcast.net> writes:

> Yes, that is going to be a tough one.  I was hoping to use my new box
> with an 80Gb drive but it has been very unstable.

So what we need then are bug fixes. :)  What are the crashes?  I saw
messages about crashing during libc, but the talk was all about how to
reconfigure libc so it wouldn't crash when compiling...though we
shouldn't crash even for bogus compiles.  

> We do?  Guillem and Michael are active DDs.  Who else?  Thomas is I
> think. What about Marcus and Neal, are they both DDs?

I am, and Marcus is.

> Define users.  Currently running an active Hurd box???  That may be
> harder to quantify.

It's a rule of thumb.  Fifty people saying "yes, I'm a user" may be
what's needed.  If everything else is met, this shouldn't be hard.


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