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Re: heads up

   Keep track of the conversation.  You were supposed to be saying
   that the Hurd cannot get Debian to agree to /usr->/ for the Hurd,
   and you're wrong.  Why switch to getting rid of the symlink?
   Because *we didn't have shadowfs*.  How many times must I explain
   the same point?

Bogus, the change was made a few months ago, unionfs has "existed" for
a year or more now.  You should keep track of what is happening
instead of this conversation, /usr -> / symlink was removed because
"it wasn't Debian GNU/Linux"; no harm was caused by its existance.

   > You can't use normal filesystem calls if you have interactive
   > scripts that are running.  So you can't do "cp foo.deb
   > /debian-package-magic-directory" or similar to install the
   > package, if you can't, having a "Debian package translator" is
   > totally useles.

   But this is a deficiency in the Hurd.  We should find a way to
   communicate the user content to servers and it's a long-standing
   lack that we cannot.

*wink* how do you purpose to somehow get some kind of interactive
input from the user when you do a file-system call?

   Um, we did actually have a Hurd annex.  All we would need to do is
   keep up with FHS and add it back; it was removed only because we
   weren't bothering to respond to their mail.

Stop deluding your self, the FHS never had a Hurd annex, neither did
the FSSTND.  And if there had been any "mail" from the FHS people,
then I would have responded to it, I have been subscribed to the FHS
related lists since they were first created!

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