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Re: console works, X aswell

Derek Davies wrote:

allowed to start X. At least just X. With window managers I still have
some problems, probably it has to do with xterm-,...: 'not found on
the Path...(/X11R6/lib/ is added but still something seems to be

You probably want /X11R6/bin/ rather than what you have.  Unless
you're setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH rather than PATH.


Hi Derek,

After I found a bunch of error messages in .xsession-errors like:

Xsession: X session started for root at Mon Mar  7 21:37:53 CET 2005
Xsession: warning: xrdb command not found; X resources not merged.
x-window-manager: error while loading shared libraries: libstroke.so.0.0.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I installed libstroke0 and found the window-managers running well.


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