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Re: heads up

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Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 2:33 PM
Subject: Re: heads up

    2. the architecture must be able to run a buildd 24/7 sustained
(without crashing)
    3. the architecture must have an actual, running, working buildd

  This, I think needs to be our target.

I think the "without crashing" is the only thing that needs the
target.  Just compiling glibc can kill the system.

Yes, that is going to be a tough one. I was hoping to use my new box with an 80Gb drive but it has been very unstable.

    8. 5 developers who will use or work on the port must send in
signed requests for its addition
    9. the port must demonstrate that they have at least 50 users

  We should be able to do these (right?).  If we need to add
  developers, we can do that, but we need to do it ASAP because it
  takes time to get through the process.

This one should be easy, I think there are atleast 5 DDs that do the
maintaining of the Hurd specific parts for Debian.

We do? Guillem and Michael are active DDs. Who else? Thomas is I think. What about Marcus and Neal, are they both DDs?

How is one supposed to demonstrate that a port has atleast 50 users by
the way?

Define users. Currently running an active Hurd box??? That may be harder to quantify.



Barry deFreese (aka bddebian)

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