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More hurd packages

Hello folks,

Just to let you know that the following packages can be built without
- wmakerconf-2.11
- gpgme1.0-1.0.2

and with a bit of tweaking (for some reason, it didn't detect the
HAVE_GETADDRINFO correctly in the server/Makefile), I could also build gkrellm-2.2.4

I also got libgpg-error-1.0 to build, but it required some ugly
modification, because, apparently, gcc -E doesn't give the same kind of
output on the Hurd as on GNU/Linux.

I'm currently stucked with libcap-1.10 which seem to rely heavily on
Linux. (I'd like to rebuild gnupg which build-depends on libcap-dev)

Best regards,


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