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Re: FHS compliance

Scribit Thomas Bushnell BSG dies 16/03/2005 hora 09:45:
> > What is with /lib/hurd or /lib/servers? GNU/Linux has it modules in
> > /lib/modules/$kernel-version, so why you do not the same for Hurd?
> They are not libraries.

Nor are the kernel modules in Linux... Thus, quoting the FHS:

  ``/lib : Essential shared libraries and kernel modules''

As the Hurd works with a µ-kernel, the Hurd servers do precisely what,
in Linux, the loadable modules do, and they are in /lib.

> We are compliant with FHS.

It's not as evident and undoubtable as you seem to think. As far as how
I understand the FHS, you're not. But maybe the question should be asked
to FHS gurus, or more accurately to the FHS editors.

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