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Re: heads up

   There is a major difference between the GNU/Hurd and all the Linux
   and BSD ports.  We are creating a new os.

I fail to see who exactly is creating a new OS.

I know you cannot mean Debian GNU/Hurd, since it is a second class
citizen within Debian and will _always_ be a second class citizen.
And the small problem of having "Debian GNU/Linux" dictate how things
should be done with Debian GNU/Hurd.  You cannot do anything new if
you have someone else dictating how you should do things (people
bitching about totally nonessential things like the FHS is a nice
example).  Anything that deviates from Debian GNU/Linux will be
frowned upon for the soul reason that "it isn't in Debian GNU/Linux".

What Debian GNU/Hurd will be is Debian GNU/Linux + translator support,
and a easy way for people to try the Hurd, without all the nice
things.  Debian is not interested in creating a new operating system.

I also know that you cannot mean the GNU system, since "we" consists
of less people then there are people hacking on the Hurd right now.

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