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Re: FHS compliance

Scribit Manuel Hoppe dies 15/03/2005 hora 18:56:
> > > [wise to move /hurd to /srv/hurd]
> > But it's meant to be site-specific, and an administrator should be
> > able to wipe it without rendering the system unusable.
> No, not at all. Eg. Apache rely on the existence of certain files and
> directories at start. If you delete your Document root its up to you,
> but you can't blame the FHS.

Maybe, but /srv, as being site-specific data (not configuration...),
should not be needed for the entire system to work. If Hurd servers
would be in /srv and /srv was wiped, I imagine nothing would work

Also, as far as backup is concerned, /srv is, like /etc, /home and most
of /var, a perfect candidate for regulary backup, and noone expects to
be backuping binaries, which one surely expects to see back, if needed,
by reinstalling packages.

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