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Re: heads up

   Why change back?  Because it's better that way.

My sentence was unclear, what I meant was why change from /usr -> /
(which has been long in use) and then back again to /usr -> / when the
plan has always been to have that symlink or atleast have a translator
sitting there.  Removing the symlink for the sake of removing it is
sily, and that is what happened.

   How does getting rid of maintainer scripts solve the problem which
   maintainer scripts are there to solve?

You can't use normal filesystem calls if you have interactive scripts
that are running.  So you can't do "cp foo.deb
/debian-package-magic-directory" or similar to install the package, if
you can't, having a "Debian package translator" is totally useles.

   Debian will do whatever FHS says, and FHS will change the
   Hurd-annex to say whatever we ask for.

First I suggest that you actually get a Hurd annex into the FHS, and
that effort has failed several times already.  If you look in the
archives for debian-hurd I'm sure you will find a couple of drafts
that were sent to the FHS people.

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