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Re: shared IRQs, boot fails


thanks a lot for the ideas. I managed to boot mach now. (I compiled on G NU/Linux, but had to slightly edit the i386-gnu-gcc -script, which called a none-existent compiler(?), at least on my installation. Disabling varhine was sufficient to avoid the previous freeze).

Now I try to get my network running. (SiS900 :-( ). I compiled the oskit-mach on hurd, ('cause I read about someones experience that the ne2000- driver might be used for the SiS with oskit-mach), however, I can't boot it:->freeze. Further more, I cannot start the console:

console -d vga -c /dev/vcs  -->lock...

Isn't  the console necessary to start X?

So my next goals are the SiS900 network and X. Any ideas are higly appreciated (as I'm not a professional programmer and new to the Hurd...)

Thanks in advance


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