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RE: Question about NAT on Debian GNU/Hurd

Hi Marco

Your help here is very welcome. You just happen to have called at a bad time
when there is an argument going on. I'm afraid I'm not a programmer but only
a user so I cannot help you very well but someone will come to talk.


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>From: rafael alfaro [mailto:alfarosandoval@navegante.com.sv]
>Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2005 03:18 AM
>To: debian-hurd
>Subject: Question about NAT on Debian GNU/Hurd
>Hi all!  I am from El Salvador (Central America), an electronics
>undergraduate and I want to collaborate with this project, I want to
>know if somebody already has written code to implement NAT, if 
>it is not
>thus, I want to do this like thesis in my university.
>Is somebody  working in this?  
>or is already done all the work about NAT?
>Thanks in advance!!
>Congratulations to who collaborate with this great project! (l4-hurd,
>debian-hurd etc..)
>Rafael Alfaro
>Omnilife Independent Distributor
>"People taking care of people"
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