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Re: heads up

"Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams@kemisten.nu> writes:

>    I see no reason to think that Debian GNU/Hurd cant do all of these.
> /usr is now by default a seperate directory I think, people bitch
> about obviously compliant FHS directories.  These are small things
> compared to using translators for /share/info or redesigning the deb
> format to be nicer for translators.

It would be easy to change /usr; we would need to have shadow
translators, make existing packages install (which is trivial with
the /usr->/ symlink), and so forth.  

What kind of redesign of the .deb format would you like?  (You do know
that .deb is just ar, right?)  

What sort of translator do you imagine for /share/info?

I think these are easy.  You just give the right patch, and say "this
provides a very nice feature on GNU/Hurd" and you're done.  We have
not had much problem in this regard.


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