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Re: Question about NAT on Debian GNU/Hurd

Rafael Alfaro <alfarosandoval@navegante.com.sv> writes:

> Thanks Marco for the advice.  I don't know if it is a good idea to
> enable the NAT in the current TCP/IP stack, because you are planning 
> to re-implement all the TCP/IP stack,  I think the code will be
> cleaner than now if you do this; I really want to learn about the work
> that you will do in the next months over the pfinet. good luck!!


> Do you think the work to enable the NAT in the current TCP/IP will be
> lost if you re-implement all the TCP/IP stack?

It will be, but I won't complete a new TCP/IP stack within a year or
so, I guess.

> Does somebody know any task to do about networks (of course related to
> hurd)?

You could have a look at the port of the Hurd to L4 (which is far from
ready).  A device driver framework has to be implemented and drivers
have to be written.  Working on this means designing and developing
and a lot of communicating with the L4 Hurd developers.  You could
have a look at this and how to enable networking there.

If you are interested you could read the design doc of L4 Hurd and
subscribe to the mailing list.


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