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[!!!] D-I SVN repository available - update Re: [!!!] D-I SVN repository available again - cleanup successful [!!!] D-I SVN repository not available starting 22:00 UTC today [busybox on kbsd] patches ported to 1.14 [D-I Manual] Build log for en (01 Sep 2009) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (08 Sep 2009) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (17 Sep 2009) Re: [D-I Manual] New version uploaded / String freeze ended Re: [PATCH] hw-detect: Do not attempt to load ide-generic if paravirt is active. Re: [PATCH] hw-detect: Do not attempt to load ide-generic if paravirt is active. Re: [PATCH] hw-detect: Do not attempt to load ide-generic if paravirt is active. [PATCH] warn about boot from ext4 with no bootloader support aboot-installer 0.0.32 MIGRATED to testing amd64 anna 1.34 MIGRATED to testing apt-setup 1:0.42 MIGRATED to testing arcboot-installer 1.12 MIGRATED to testing auto-install 1.6 MIGRATED to testing AW: STP vs. DHCP during Debian pxeboot installs base-installer 1.102 MIGRATED to testing Bug#282614: marked as done (debian-installer-manual: Section talking about editing a file, but not WHICH file) Bug#410787: deboostrap: example still wrong: tty8 recipe Depends on makedev Bug#425859: user-setup: live-system without user account and locked root account. Bug#468624: discover-data: diff for NMU version 2.2008.06.25+nmu1 Bug#468624: marked as done (python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies) Bug#468624: python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies Bug#470894: grub-installer: user parameters are not added to grub.cfg for grub2 Bug#470894: marked as done (grub-installer: user parameters are not added to grub.cfg for grub2) Bug#476184: For the grub maintainers II Bug#476184: marked as done (os-prober: Mounted partitions after running update-grub) Bug#477092: [PATCH] add support for setting a username + password in grub-installer for GRUB 2 Bug#491376: marked as done (recipe for BIOS-based boot on gpt) Bug#491376: Request for string review: grub-installer BIOS boot partition check Bug#509723: (forw) Bug#510058: marked as done (Please enable CONFIG_TFTP in busybox-udeb (was: Bug#509723: Support TFTP preseed fetch method)) Bug#511518: marked as done (os-prober: probes extended and swap partitions) Bug#514016: options for fixing Bug#515614: Lenny installer 5.0.3 Bug#518808: [PATCH] d-i manual: document booting from DOS Bug#523342: status with Lenny? Bug#524666: marked as done (installation-guide: Document the use of TERM= for serial consoles) Bug#532842: marked as done (Debconf translations do not carry proper copyright) Bug#534260: marked as done (installation-guide: Add link to braille keybindings) Bug#535339: Openmoko Neo Freerunner (GTA02) support Bug#535494: marked as done (Typo: # dkpg-reconfigure tzdata) Bug#536375: marked as done (debian-installer: [s390,lenny] kernel panic during boot) Bug#536478: marked as done (installation-reports) Bug#536683: bash execution trace Bug#536683: console-setup cannot be configured Bug#536683: console-setup: getting it diagnosed Bug#536683: Info received (bash execution trace) Bug#536683: Installation/upgrade freezes when non-standard XKBLAYOUT used Bug#537502: addition to report Bug#538438: marked as done (console-setup: add X-Interactive keyword to initscript LSB info) Bug#539933: marked as done (win32-loader.ini filled with -en) Bug#541436: Bug541436: clock-setup: should not change hardware clock if the system time is not updated Bug#541436: marked as done (clock-setup: should not change hardware clock if the system time is not updated) Bug#541823: installation-reports: Acer Aspire 3690 Bug#541831: installation-reports: Sunfire T2000 success (one minor issue) Bug#542448: debian-installer: stops during boot on usb/scsi hardware detect Bug#542963: X fails after new lenny install on iMac G3 Bug#543443: installation-reports: eventual success on QNAP TS-219 Bug#543786: partman-auto-raid: having to name devices explicitly is clumsy Bug#544381: grub-pc: The os_prober does not include all the systems and entries are also not complete. Bug#544400: closed by Frans Pop <> (Bug#536375: debian-installer: [s390,lenny] kernel panic during boot) Bug#544400: marked as done (s390 Debian Installer panic bug # 536354) Bug#544493: Should be fixed in new kernel Bug#544493: Tyan S7002 fails to detect network chips?? Bug#544513: Acknowledgement (dhcp returned hostname take precedence on netcfg/get_hostname) Bug#544513: dhcp returned hostname take precedence on netcfg/get_hostname Bug#544516: netcfg/get_hostname isn't use with network preseed Bug#544646: console-setup: ~/.XCompose file ignored Bug#544745: debian-installer fails for squeeze/lenny on epia-ex motherboard Bug#544949: Package: grub-installer after installation: Unable to install GRUB in (hd0) Bug#544971: Assumes HOME is /home/$USER. Bug#544989: (no subject) Bug#544989: Intel 82567lm ethernet card not recognized Bug#545018: fails to setup squeeze system Bug#545047: tasksel: iamerican and ibritish are no longer standard, readjust language tasks as needed. Bug#545070: console-setup: Fails to install in chroot Bug#545070: marked as done (console-setup: Fails to install in chroot) Re: Bug#545076: Debian Testing boot hang Bug#545129: installation-reports: Installation report for my MacMiniIntel Bug#545129: marked as done (installation-reports: Installation report for my MacMiniIntel) Bug#545154: [Fwd: Re: Bug#545154: grub-pc: on upgrade other OS are not carried over, and os-prober does not work] Bug#545154: grub-pc: on upgrade other OS are not carried over, and os-prober does not work Bug#545162: GRUB installation bug Bug#545226: Grub didn't install because diff (cmp) is not installed Bug#545282: debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso: installation hangs Bug#545312: tasksel: [INTL:ru] Russian program translation update Bug#545431: tasksel: update xfce4-desktop task for squeeze Bug#545433: installation-reports Bug#545508: installation-reports Bug#545508: marked as done (installation-reports) Bug#545539: installation-reports: A successful installation. Bug#545539: marked as done (installation-reports: A successful installation.) Bug#545584: installation-guide: Typo in command name, kbdconfig should be kbd-config. Bug#545611: live-helper: Live-helper does'nt make squeeze package, in debootstrap part, failed to configure sysvinit package Bug#545648: win32-loader: FTBFS: grub-mkimage: error: cannot stat /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/pc.mod Bug#545715: debian-installer: ask the setup russian console keyboard twice Bug#545829: grub-kfreebsd-*.cfg use deprecated terminal_output.<terminal> syntax Bug#545829: marked as done (grub-kfreebsd-*.cfg use deprecated terminal_output.<terminal> syntax) Bug#545906: Bug 545906 - can i get status Bug#545923: Tyan S7002 Bug#545929: Installation-reports: SunFire X4500: Grub does not cope with large numbers of disks Bug#545933: Installation-Report: Dell Optiplex 745 USB keyboard not recognized Bug#545987: debian-installer bug on powerpc Bug#546029: installation-reports: Debootstrap cannot install squeeze due to error in processing libsepol1 Bug#546029: marked as done (installation-reports: Debootstrap cannot install squeeze due to error in processing libsepol1) Bug#546033: bug report against the installation-reports pseudo package Bug#546385: installation-report: Minor issues with install Bug#546402: additional infromation Bug#546402: installation-reports bug: fails to boot. Bug#546546: marked as done (grub-pc: hangs configuring if luks partions are present) Bug#546640: console-setup: "Lat15" name is confounding Bug#546654: console-setup: dpkg-reconfigure loops Bug#546702: console-setup: kbd_mode needs to be run on all the active consoles Bug#546739: console-setup: Does not support Incr_Console/Decr_Console any more Bug#546740: console-setup: Should permit personnal keymaps Bug#546834: debootstrap fails when invoked from lh_build Bug#546983: console-setup-mini: fails to set the keyboard layout (and falls back to "us" layout) Bug#547048: marked as done (win32-loader: Wrong Content-Type for Bug#547048: win32-loader: Wrong Content-Type for Bug#547175: installation-report: SunBlade 2000: fails to pick up ql2200_fw.bin from usb stick Bug#547218: debootstrap: cannot create squeeze chroot Bug#547218: marked as done (debootstrap: cannot create squeeze chroot) Bug#547252: installation-report: Default sources.list should include contrib/non-free or installer should ask for it Bug#547252: marked as done (installation-report: Default sources.list should include contrib/non-free or installer should ask for it) Bug#547382: Detect windows recovery partitions (fix provided) Bug#547731: Please include b43 in nic-wireless-modules Bug#547780: Installation failed: sudo: not found Bug#547780: marked as done (Installation failed: sudo: not found) Bug#547895: Unable to reload partition table for md0 / md2 Bug#547939: installation-reports: is the encryption key size in bits or bytes? Bug#547949: functions: line 1065: sudo: command not found Bug#547949: marked as done (functions: line 1065: sudo: command not found) Bug#547957: installing base system: debootstrap sudo not found Bug#547994: installation-reports: Installation on HP Pavilion dv4t - 1300 Bug#547995: kbd-chooser: Please support sh4 Bug#548038: Installation failed: dpkg: not found Bug#548038: marked as done (Installation failed: dpkg: not found) Bug#548101: /etc/init.d/console-setup: please add kbd to Should-Start Bug#548128: Problem with 5.0.3 PPC installer ISOs Bug#548156: [Fwd: Re: Bug#548156: grub-installer: No grub2 when using gpt partition schema] Bug#548156: grub-installer: No grub2 when using gpt partition schema Bug#548175: console-setup: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation update Bug#548175: marked as done (console-setup: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation update) Bug#548262: console-setup-mini does not "own" /etc/default/console-setup Bug#548283: installation-reports: After installation Aptitude wants to remove all packages Bug#548332: console-setup: [l10n] quoting issue with German debconf translation Bug#548354: console-setup: Intermittent boot problems Bug#548369: eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device Bug#548370: fixed Bug#548372: fixed Bug#548458: debootstrap: s/EXAMPLE/EXAMPLES/ in manpage Bug#548504: tasksel: italian man page is obsolete Bug#548534: installation-guide: “Copying the files — the easy way” should explicitly exclude netboot Bug#548589: installation-reports: [G-I] graphical ui does not start Bug#548589: installation-reports: [G-I] graphical ui does not start -- some additional information Bug#548705: Acknowledgement (Cannot install testing: ISO-scan fails) Bug#548791: Cannot install testing: Machine hangs Bug#548827: debian-installer: Daily build installed ok but failed booting (raid10+lvm+aes) Bug#548828: debian-installer: Graphical install fails to load Bug#548837: installation-reports: Acer Extensa 5630G-644G32Mn Bug#548864: Package: installation-reports Bug#548880: debootstrap: unrecognized options parsed as arguments Bug#548999: busybox httpd -e fails. Bug#549130: Creation of sid chroot fails at installing libc6; some problem with busybox 1:1.14.2-2 MIGRATED to testing cdebconf 0.145 MIGRATED to testing cdebconf-entropy 0.12 MIGRATED to testing cdebconf-terminal 0.5 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-checker 1.16 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-detect 1.31 MIGRATED to testing cdrom-retriever 1.19 MIGRATED to testing choose-mirror 2.29 MIGRATED to testing clock-setup 0.100 MIGRATED to testing clock-setup_0.100_amd64.changes ACCEPTED colo-installer 1.14 MIGRATED to testing console-setup 1.45 MIGRATED to testing console-setup_1.45_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: d-i git repo: sample conversion Daily builds failure... Fwd: Danish D-I translations Debian 503 debian 503 Bildwiederholfrequenz Debian etchandahalf preseed problem using multiple disks. FWD: Debian Installer for armel ss4000-e Re: Debian preseed: How to choose the hdd for partman? debian-installer daily images Re: debian-installer for GNU/kFreeBSD Debian-installer use of initrd (was Re: CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM=y) debian-installer-utils 1.71 MIGRATED to testing debian-installer_20090123lenny4_ia64.changes INSTALLED into Stable Re: debmirror (was: d-i git repo: sample conversion) debootstrap 1.0.15 MIGRATED to testing debootstrap 1.0.19 MIGRATED to testing debootstrap_1.0.16_i386.changes ACCEPTED debootstrap_1.0.17_i386.changes ACCEPTED debootstrap_1.0.19_i386.changes ACCEPTED dh-di 2 MIGRATED to testing dh-di 3 MIGRATED to testing dh-di_3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: diff is now diffutils discover-data 2.2008.06.25+nmu1 MIGRATED to testing Documentation about debootstrap scripting? elilo-installer 1.15 MIGRATED to testing finish-install 2.23 MIGRATED to testing flash-kernel 2.22 MIGRATED to testing flash-kernel_2.23_armel.changes ACCEPTED grub-installer_1.42_i386.changes ACCEPTED grub-installer_1.43_i386.changes ACCEPTED grub-installer_1.44_amd64.changes ACCEPTED grub-installer_1.45_amd64.changes ACCEPTED grub-installer_1.46_amd64.changes ACCEPTED How to detect Debian systems w/o root passwd ? hw-detect 1.73 MIGRATED to testing installation-guide 20090901 MIGRATED to testing installation-guide_20090901_amd64.changes ACCEPTED installation-guide_20090901_amd64.changes is NEW installation-report 2.39 MIGRATED to testing iso-scan 1.28 MIGRATED to testing kbd-chooser 1.48 MIGRATED to testing Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt kernel-wedge 2.62 MIGRATED to testing kernel-wedge_2.53+lenny2_i386.changes INSTALLED into Stable kfreebsd-kernel-di-amd64 0.1 MIGRATED to testing kfreebsd-kernel-di-i386 0.1 MIGRATED to testing kickseed 0.53 MIGRATED to testing libdebian-installer 0.67 MIGRATED to testing libdebian-installer_0.68_amd64.changes ACCEPTED lilo-installer 1.30 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-alpha-2.6 0.37lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-alpha-2.6 0.41 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-alpha-2.6_0.37lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-alpha-2.6_0.41_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-alpha-2.6_0.42_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-alpha-2.6_0.42_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6 1.53lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6 1.59 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.53lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.59_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.60_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-amd64-2.6_1.60_amd64.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-arm-2.6_1.37lenny6_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6 1.32lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.32lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.37_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.38_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.38_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-armel-2.6_1.39_armel.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6 1.38lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6 1.45 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.38lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.45_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.46_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-hppa-2.6_1.46_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6 1.76lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6 1.82 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.76lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.82_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.83_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6_1.83_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6 1.42lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6 1.48 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.42lenny5_ia64.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.48_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.49_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-ia64-2.6_1.49_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6 1.14 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6 1.9lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.14_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.15_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.15_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-mips-2.6_1.9lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6 1.13 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6 1.8lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.13_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.14_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.14_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-mipsel-2.6_1.8lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6 1.48lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6 1.58 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.48lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.58_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.59_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-powerpc-2.6_1.59_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6 0.37lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6 0.44 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.37lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.44_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.45_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-s390-2.6_0.45_multi.changes is NEW linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6 1.41lenny5 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6 1.47 MIGRATED to testing linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.41lenny5_multi.changes INSTALLED into Stable linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.47_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.48_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6_1.48_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-alpha-2.6 1.16 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-alpha-2.6_1.16_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-alpha-2.6_1.17_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-alpha-2.6_1.17_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6 1.22 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6_1.22_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6_1.23_amd64.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-amd64-2.6_1.23_amd64.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6 1.14 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.14_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.15_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6_1.15_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-i386-2.6 1.22 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-i386-2.6_1.22_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-i386-2.6_1.23_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-i386-2.6_1.23_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-ia64-2.6 1.16 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-ia64-2.6_1.16_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-ia64-2.6_1.17_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-ia64-2.6_1.17_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-mips-2.6 1.16 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-mips-2.6_1.16_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-mips-2.6_1.17_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-mips-2.6_1.17_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-mipsel-2.6 1.19 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-mipsel-2.6_1.19_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-powerpc-2.6 2.16 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-powerpc-2.6_2.16_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-s390-2.6 1.15 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-s390-2.6_1.15_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-s390-2.6_1.16_multi.changes ACCEPTED linux-modules-di-s390-2.6_1.16_multi.changes is NEW linux-modules-di-sparc-2.6 1.18 MIGRATED to testing linux-modules-di-sparc-2.6_1.18_multi.changes ACCEPTED live-installer 13 MIGRATED to testing localechooser 2.14 MIGRATED to testing Log from the September 21th 2009 D-I team meeting Log from the September 7th 2009 D-I team meeting lowmem 1.31 MIGRATED to testing Mad idea: grub-fuse main-menu 1.30 MIGRATED to testing mdcfg 1.29 MIGRATED to testing media-retriever 1.20 MIGRATED to testing mountmedia 0.19 MIGRATED to testing net-retriever 1.24 MIGRATED to testing netcfg 1.51 MIGRATED to testing network-console 1.23 MIGRATED to testing Re: no sound on powermac3,3 (powerbook g4 550) debian502 gnome nobootloader 1.25 MIGRATED to testing oldsys-preseed 3.7 MIGRATED to testing os-prober_1.31_i386.changes ACCEPTED os-prober_1.32_i386.changes ACCEPTED os-prober_1.33_i386.changes ACCEPTED os-prober_1.34_i386.changes ACCEPTED partconf 1.32 MIGRATED to testing partitioner 0.45 MIGRATED to testing partman-auto 89 MIGRATED to testing partman-auto-crypto 12 MIGRATED to testing The last update was on 06:10 GMT Sun Apr 21. 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