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Bug#536683: bash execution trace

Hi there Michael and others.

(Please, keep me CC'ed)

On Aug 29 2009, Michael Gold wrote:
> I added "set -x" to the beginning of the console-setup.config script,
> and executed "console-setup.config configure".  The output is
> attached.

Nice. I just did the same thing.

> Searching for "starting_state" shows that the script gets stuck
> switching between states 3 and 4, but I haven't figured out what this
> code is trying to do.

I am too lazy to read what the code is trying to do (I'm actually
installing the -mini version), but I saw that it was looking for
xorg.conf and I moved it out of the way, "dpkg -i console-blablah" and
it installed.

Now, one thing to see is if all the people having this very serious
problem have any X configuration file or if they are starting with a
non-existent X config.

Please, let us know.

Regards, Rogério Brito.

Rogério Brito : rbrito@{mackenzie,ime.usp}.br : GPG key 1024D/7C2CAEB8
http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito : http://meusite.mackenzie.com.br/rbrito
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