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Re: debmirror (was: d-i git repo: sample conversion)

On Tuesday 08 September 2009, Lee Winter wrote:
> > [1] Which now supports mirroring everything needed to to create CD
> > images using debian-cd, including (released) D-I images and the
> > "docs" and "tools" directories :-)
> Would you please describe what is left that the new version of
> debmirror will _not_ mirror?

Below are the remaining restrictions, at least those that I'm aware of.

- Does not mirror translations of descriptions (dists/*/*/i18n/*).
  This is really the main open feature request.
- Does not mirror and use diff files for Contents files.
  Mainly a performance issue. Not very important for most users.

Both of the above items needed a change on the mirrors themselves, and as 
it happens both were implemented today (thanks Joerg!).

- Does not mirror Contents files for udebs. Not sure if that will be easy
  to add now. Again, not all that important.

- The special directories (doc, tools, indices) can only be mirrored using
  rsync. My position on that is that it's more a feature than a bug.
  Note that most users should not need indices (which is huge).

- Only mirrors _current_ D-I images; the official mirrors can also
  contain one or more previous releases.
- Does not mirror "daily built" D-I images, but as those are not on
  the mirrors, that's logical. Would also cause HUGE amounts of traffic.

- Some types of mirror layout are not supported; only a problem for
  mirroring unofficial mirrors.

Other requests/ideas concern improved performance and flexibility.

See also my recent blog posts on debmirror:
- http://alioth.debian.org/~fjp/log/posts/debmirror.html
- http://alioth.debian.org/~fjp/log/posts/debmirror_I.html

If you want to follow development, follow my blog :-P


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