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Bug#545987: debian-installer bug on powerpc

Package: debian-installer

At the partition setup stage, when you accept defaults and confirm write, it complains that there is no yaboot partition (Apple_Bootstrap) available. If you open that partition (which is there) and reselect the type as NewWorld Boot before confirming then it completes successfully. This defiantly happens when you choose LVM as the partition method with separate partitons (/home, tmp, /var etc.) but I imagine (?) it might happen in other situations as well due to the yaboot partition being separate from these options.

My suspicion is that there is a variable set or bit set when you choose this partition type manually which is not done automatically when it should be, which is what the check looks for.

I doubt this is relavant, however my system specification is below:

iBook G3 300Mhz PowerPC 750
No airport

Otherwise it's a stock system.

If any more information is required I'd be happy to provide it.

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