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Bug#543443: installation-reports: eventual success on QNAP TS-219

* Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org> [2009-08-25 01:50]:
> Booting with the serial console appeared to stop at the stage of starting
> init; I never got a shell on the serial port, and d-i never got as far as
> doing DHCP, for some reason (the server's logs indicate that it never received
> a request). In the absence of a shell, I couldn't debug this.

I cannot reproduce this.  I just took a daily image and it boots fine.
I first see the kernel messages, then "Starting system log daemon:
syslogd, klogd." and then a black screen with a green cursos and a
little bit later I get a window with DHCP.

Can you please boot the installer again and see what happens?

> At the "partition disks" stage, no disks were found or offered for
> partitioning; dmesg reported that both SATA links were down.
> I suspected that the serial console providing partial power to the board might
> be causing problems, so I disconnected it before the first boot of the
> installed system. As I'd hoped, both disks were brought up correctly
> in the installed system

So you're saying the disk didn't come up in d-i because of the serial
connector?  So can I ignore this issue?

The way I read your report, there are three issues:
 - d-i doesn't start properly: I cannot reproduce this.  I'd like to
   hear more info.
 - initrd size in my docs are wrong: fixed.
 - disk doesn't come up: caused by your serial connector.

Martin Michlmayr

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