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Bug#541436: Bug541436: clock-setup: should not change hardware clock if the system time is not updated

On Tuesday 01 September 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> I hope that my changes will have made setting the clock more reliable
> now. I cannot be 100% sure as I only tested it in an emulator, not on
> real hardware.

Right, the reason for the confusion is that /etc/adjtime _was_ present 
after base installation in Lenny. but isn't for Squeeze. The util-linux 
changelog does not list that change.

And as the default value was UTC in that file, that immediately explains 
the reported behavior (with Lenny images).

It also explains why I see the exact *opposite* error with daily built 
images: UTC going wrong. Reason for that is that hwclock will assume 
localtime as default if /etc/adjtime is missing (which is a rather weird 
default for a Linux utility, but whatever).

Anyway, with my changes it no longer matters if the file is there or not, 
clock-setup should just always do the right thing now.

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