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Re: d-i git repo: sample conversion

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

(only a few comments here and there)

> - partman components are very tightly coupled
>   Very frequently changes, such as adding ext4 support, requires making
>   related changes to multiple components. Being able to do so in a single
>   branch in a single repository is of huge practical benefit.

Isn't there room for a compromise here: make partman a single component?

> - My "partman cleanup" in 2007 would have been a pain if components had all
>   been in different repositories; I did major reshuffling across components
>   by rebasing in my git-svn checkout while working on that.
> - For multi-CD support feature I required strongly related changes in
>   di-utils, apt-setup and pkgsel.
> - My recent "recommends" change required related changes in di-utils,
>   base-installer, pkgsel and preseed.

Similarly, there could be grouped components in other areas, though
here it might be harder to find such groups.

> Agreed. SVN is not ideal for branching, especially since it does not 
> support off-line commits.
> But IMO we don't have that much need for branching, other than temporary
> "work in progress" branches, which in most cases are fairly short-lived and 
> private. That's why IMO git-svn is a relatively suitable solution.

Colin had a strong interest in branching, IIRC, just as do people who
are annoyed to keep their invasive changes in their own local repos
(or in people/) while a freeze is in progress).

Branching could also have benefit a work such as the one you did to
improve the expert mode (which, by the way, is probably another good
example of a change that affects many components...).

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