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Re: Debian-installer use of initrd (was Re: CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM=y)

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On Wednesday 16 September 2009, Lee Winter wrote:
> Nah.  The whole point is to support legacy systems that are capable of
> _running_ the newest software, but whose peripheral suite is not
> adequte to _bootstrap_ the larger images.  is it your belief that the
> existing 2.4+backports would not work?

No. The floppy method is NOT targeted only at legacy systems. If it cannot 
exist as a full-featured installation method on the same level as other 
installation methods, then there is no point in maintaining it.

Real legacy systems can always install Sarge and upgrade too.

I'm sorry, but this is the last post from me in this thread. I appreciate 
your idea, but it's just not an approach that I at least would ever want 
to follow.


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