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Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt

... during partitioning at the point of invoking "configure LVM" on
top of a dm_cypt.volume.

Since I consider a kernel panic to be a serious issue I spent some
time investigating the conditions that caused it.  After several dozen
installations I have the conditions narrowed down to the presence of a
CD in the CD drive.  The interesting aspect of this condition is that
the CD drive has no role in the installation and the CD is just some
data.  It is not even bootable.

The installation is launched by grub4dos loading hd-media's linux and
initrd.gz and everything else comes in over the network.

Because I can get the installtion to work I can do a reportbug against
installation-report for the successful install.  But the best I can do
for the failing install is to back out of the partition step and save
the installation logs.  I have done that, but I suspect there's a lot
going on during the installation that won't be captured in those

The purpose of this message is to ask how to obtain the maximum amout
of information immediately prior to the failure.  For example, I know
the keystroke that will trigger the error.  So prior to entering the
triggering keystroke I would like to use an alternate console to
capture more data just prior to the panic.  Not being familiar with
the internals of the installer, I don't know how to do that.

So how can I report this problem as thoroughly as possible?  I.e.,
what can I capture from console 2 that would be useful in tracking
this down?

Lee Winter
NP Engineering
Nashua, New Hampshire

P.S.  Attached is a manually generated installation report containing
a manually transcribed record of console 4 after the panic.

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