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Bug#545715: debian-installer: ask the setup russian console keyboard twice

reassign 545715 tasksel
retitle 545715 Please drop console-cyrillic from russian and ukrainian tasks

Quoting Yuri Kozlov (yuray@komyakino.ru):

> So the end result is that two packages are setting the keyboard layout in
> the installed system: console-setup and (later, thus overriding the
> settings) console-cyrillic. It is also ugly to see essentially the same
> question being asked twice via debconf (first by console-setup, and then
> by console-cyrillic).
> ""
> I installed the system from debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso today
> and still to see the console-cyrillic questions.
> I think console-setup is ready to replace the console-cyrillic.
> May be do not install this on the default installation?

This is because we still have tasksel that includes console-cyrillic
for the russian and ukrainian tasks. As a consequence, any install
done in those languages will end up with it in addition to

As you explain, there is no more need for c-c in default installs.

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