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Bug#545047: tasksel: iamerican and ibritish are no longer standard, readjust language tasks as needed.

On Saturday 05 September 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> A compromise seems to be adding an "english" task with
> "iamerican" so that *all* en_* installs have iamerican, ispell and d-c
> (en_GB would then have ibritish and iamerican).
> Another option would be dropping the british task and use "iamerican"
> and "ibritish" in a general "english" task (after all, is it correct
> to only have iamerican for en_IN, en_AU or en_ZA?)

Or keeping the en_GB task and adding an en task alongside that that is 
used as default for any en_* locale that does not have a country-specific 
task. That seems to me to be most in line with the general localization 
rules: use a language task, unless a more specific language_country task 
is available.

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