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Re: How to detect Debian systems w/o root passwd ?

Quoting Bill Allombert (Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr):
> Dear Debian boot,
> It is now possible to set up Debian system without a root password.
> On such system sudo must be used instead of su.
> What is the canonical way to detect such situation ?
> My purpose is to change su-to-root to automatically default to sudo mode
> on such system.

CC'ing you , assuming you're not subscribed.

I'd say that reading the value of passwd/root-login debconf template
is the safest way. If you get "false", then the system is a sudo-only system.

Of course, that will tell you what you need only when the rootless
system has been installed by choosing the appropriate option in D-I.

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