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Re: d-i git repo: sample conversion

On Mon, 2009-09-07 at 23:51 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> [1] Which now supports mirroring everything needed to to create CD
> images using debian-cd, including (released) D-I images and the "docs"
> and "tools" directories :-)

One issue I had with debmirror in the past (with nobody to complain
to ;-)) was that I wanted a partial mirror of main+contrib of testing
but just main/debian-installer of sid. I wanted this so that I can build
squeeze install CDs with the sid d-i without the bandwidth cost of
mirroring all of both distributions.

Debmirror currently makes this tricky because it always mirrors the
complete cross-product of sections x dists which it is given. I tried
using separate invocations of debmirror to mirror different suites but
the clean up phase will delete the files downloaded by the other
invocations (i.e. mirroring sid will delete all the testing files from
the pool and vice versa). I could disable cleanup for the second and
subsequent invocations but then my mirror will grow without bound over

It would be useful if the cleanup phase had a mode where it could
consider the complete contents of dists/* rather than just the ones it
is currently mirroring.

I currently workaround this by mirroring sid and testing into separate
trees and using a bunch of symlinks + rsync to a 3rd tree to create a
merged mirror.


Ian Campbell

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