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Bug#541831: installation-reports: Sunfire T2000 success (one minor issue)

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Hi Stephen,

On Wednesday 26 August 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 17 August 2009, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > > It sounds like the "rsc console" is something different, which could
> > > explain what you saw. Maybe we need special handling for this case.
> >
> > The rsc is much like an iLo or alom.  It's just another management
> > interface that offers a 'console' interface to manage the OS.  I did
> > the install using this interface, obtained by running 'break -c'.
> Can you find out what /var/run/console-device contains at that point?
> I'd expect /dev/ttyS0, but it would be good to know for sure.
> You can probably find out by booting with BOOT_DEBUG=3 and then in
> /sbin/reopen-console add a 'set -x' plus near the end a 'sleep 30' so
> you have time to read the output.
> We have solved similar problems in that past. The only thing that's
> needed is *some* way of identifying this case. Possibly there's
> something in /proc from openprom? We could then do something similar as
> was done for powerpc (see the code after "# Set up virtualized..." in
> [3]).
> The final option would be to add a dialog that's displayed if we are
> uncertain and that just asks what to use. Might be useful for other
> cases too.
> Main question is if you're willing and able to do a bit more digging :-)

Are you interested in persuing this further? In case you're not, I'm 
tagging the BR for posterity.


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