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Bug#544381: grub-pc: The os_prober does not include all the systems and entries are also not complete.

On Tue, Sep 08, 2009 at 12:42:57PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
   > Do you know how we would go about detecting Geexbox? I assume it doesn't
   > provide an /etc/lsb-release file otherwise we'd be detecting it already,
   > so we need something unique to it to detect it. Files such as
   > /etc/<distro>-release seem reasonably common, but there's some variation
   > here.
I have attached the list of files under the Geexbox partition.   

GEEXBOX/etc/grub/grub.conf looks as follows :

title _TITLE_
root  _ROOTDEV_
kernel  /vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 rw rdinit=linuxrc boot=_DEVNAME_ lang=en remote=default_remote receiver=default_receiver keymap=qwerty splash=silent vga=789 video=vesafb:ywrap,mtrr _HDTV_ _DEBUG_ _CONFIG_
initrd  /initrd.gz

I hope that will give you an idea of the layout geexbox uses. 

   > > correct. For Mandriva, the initrd entry is not included which makes
   > > the system non-bootable.
   > I assume you added the initrd entry in your attached file by hand?
Yes. I saw that only after reportbug-gtk had sent it :-( Sorry, if it
caused a discrepancy in my reporting and the attached file.

   > What boot loader does your Mandriva installation use? Can you please
   > attach its configuration file?
It is using grub.

If you want any more information, I will provide the same.


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