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Re: Fwd: Danish D-I translations

Quoting Mads Bille Lundby (lundbymads@gmail.com):
> Hi Christian
> Thank you for your reply. Sad to hear that I'm filtered by spam
> filters nowadays :-).

My setup (CRM114-based for the record) is apparently less and less
keen to let mails coming directly to me from people I rarely talk with
by mail.....sorry for this..:-)

But this one asn't cataloggued as spam, you're back to the legitimate
users world..:-)

> I'll have a look at the d-i translation again during the next week or
> so. I'll try to contact Claus again, and if he doesn't reply, I'll
> send the updated translations to the debian-boot list. If I can't get
> in touch with Claus, I'll do some more shouting in Danish community,
> to get someone to step up as a Debian translation committer.

Thanks for your commitment. This is appreciated.

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