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Re: debmirror (was: d-i git repo: sample conversion)

On Tuesday 08 September 2009, Ian Campbell wrote:
> One issue I had with debmirror in the past (with nobody to complain
> to ;-))

Hmmm? Never heard of the BTS? ;-)

> was that I wanted a partial mirror of main+contrib of testing 
> but just main/debian-installer of sid. I wanted this so that I can
> build squeeze install CDs with the sid d-i without the bandwidth cost
> of mirroring all of both distributions.

A valid use case. I have something similar myself: mirror testing/unstable 
for six arches + stable for only two of those.

There's a couple of open wishlist bugs for that. It comes under the 
heading of "improved flexibility" (see my reply to Lee Winter).
There are some suggested approaches and I have some ideas, but not yet 
decided on the best approach.

It is somewhere on my ToDo list, but not the highest priority.


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