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Re: Debian-installer use of initrd (was Re: CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM=y)

On Wednesday 16 September 2009, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > Is installation from floppies still supported?  If so, can they be
> > converted to using initramfs?
> Actually, I don't see how this can work today since ext2 is a module...
> Has anyone tested that these work in lenny?

There are no floppy images in Lenny. We stopped building them because the 
kernel would no longer fit on the boot floppy. There was some discussion 
on having a separate kernel for D-I floppy installs (it would still fit 
with a number of unneeded optionsdisabled), but that was blocked by the 
kernel team as they did not want to build a separate flavor for that 

The infrastructure for building floppy images is still present and it could 
be in theory be enabled again.

I see that INITRD_FS = ext2 is set for the _driver_ floppies, but not for 
the _boot_ floppy, so a modular ext2 should be OK in principle.

We also have:
./config/armel/ads.cfg:11:INITRD_FS = ext2

No idea about this, although I think I saw a reply from Martin about it 
(specifically enabled in the armel config IIRC).

./config/powerpc/apus.cfg:9:INITRD_FS = ext2

Wouldn't worry about that. It's a dead configuration.

Please go ahead with any changes you have planned. If we wish to enable 
floppy builds again at some point we can always revisit the issue. And if 
we'd be able to get a separate flavor for that purpose I guess it won't be 
an issue.

Apologies for not replying sooner, but I had hoped that finally someone 
else would make the effort to respond to such questions. An idle hope 


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