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Bug#545047: tasksel: iamerican and ibritish are no longer standard, readjust language tasks as needed.

(CC'ing debian-l10n-english....please keep the bug report and the list
CC'ed to answers, however maybe drop Agustin unless he asks to be kept
in CC)

Quoting Agustin Martin (agustin.martin@debian.org):

> The global override file is already changed, so ispell, iamerican, ibritish
> and dictionaries-common are all now of optional priority instead of standard
> as were before. Please update language tasks as appropriate.

OK, so that brings us to the discussion we were having when this was
first discussed.

Adding ibritish to the en_GB task is easy.

Similarly, all language tasks that list ispell dictionaries will have
ispell and dictionaries-common pulled by dependencies.

The problem becomes installs of standard systems with English
localization that's not en_GB, or installs with C locale. Should these
still have a dictionary and a spellchecker?

The "spirit" of having ispell and d-c become optional tells me "no"
for C installs.

And the principle of least surprise tells me that installs "localized"
in en_* *should* have a spellchecker and the needed dictionary.

A compromise seems to be adding an "english" task with
"iamerican" so that *all* en_* installs have iamerican, ispell and d-c
(en_GB would then have ibritish and iamerican).

Another option would be dropping the british task and use "iamerican"
and "ibritish" in a general "english" task (after all, is it correct
to only have iamerican for en_IN, en_AU or en_ZA?)

I don't think that having "british", "american", "australian",
"indian", "south-african", etc. tasks would be a good idea as it makes
way too many tasks.


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