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Bug#545611: live-helper: Live-helper does'nt make squeeze package, in debootstrap part, failed to configure sysvinit package

I believe this problem is due to this bug:

It has been fixed in libsepol 2.0.37-2. However, since another release 2.0.38-1 is in sid, no 2.0.37-2 will be in squeeze. The problem now is:
# grep-excuses libsepol
libsepol (2.0.37-1 to 2.0.38-1)
   Maintainer: Manoj Srivastava
   6 days old (needed 5 days)
   Overriding age needed from 10 days to 5 by luk
out of date on ia64: libsepol1, libsepol1-dev, sepol-utils (from 2.0.37-2)
   Updating libsepol1 fixes old bugs: #545018
   Not considered

Any workaround to force debootstrap or cdebootstrap to use libsepol 2.0.38-1 when creating squeeze live using live-helper?


Daniel Baumann wrote:
reassign 545611 debootstrap

as said on the list and on irc already, this is not a debian-live
problem. live-helper just calls debootstrap, thus reassigning.

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