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Bug#544646: console-setup: ~/.XCompose file ignored

Package: console-setup
Version: 1.44
Severity: normal

I'm not sure console-setup is to blame, but I'm unsure where else to file it, and distros without it do not have this problem.
I've had some small issues with xmodmap and other small issues that weren't too hard to work around.
Here are contents of my .XCompose:

# ~/.XCompose - Compose key characters

# Default
include "/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose"

# Silly
<Multi_key> <colon>      <parenright>           : "☺"  U263A
<Multi_key> <less>       <minus>                : "←"  U2190
<Multi_key> <minus>      <greater>              : "→"  U2192
<Multi_key> <asterisk>   <asterisk>             : "★"

# Math & Logic
<Multi_key> <equal>      <asciitilde>           : "≈"
<Multi_key> <equal>      <slash>                : "≠"
<Multi_key> <slash>      <equal>                : "≠"
<Multi_key> <greater>    <equal>                : "≥"
<Multi_key> <less>       <equal>                : "≤"
<Multi_key> <i>          <n>       <f>          : "∞"
<Multi_key> <r>          <t>       <2>          : "√"
<Multi_key> <r>          <t>       <3>          : "∛"
<Multi_key> <r>          <t>       <4>          : "∜"
<Multi_key> <colon>      <period>               : "∴"
<Multi_key> <period>     <colon>                : "∵"
<Multi_key> <equal>      <greater>              : "⇒"
<Multi_key> <minus>      <v>                    : "∀"
<Multi_key> <E>          <E>                    : "∃"
<Multi_key> <equal>      <equal>   <asciitilde> : "≅"
<Multi_key> <O>          <slash>                : "∅"
<Multi_key> <i>          <n>       <t>          : "∫"

# Lowercase Greek
<Multi_key> <a> <l> <p> : "α"
<Multi_key> <b> <e> <t> : "β"
<Multi_key> <g> <a> <m> : "γ"
<Multi_key> <d> <e> <l> : "δ"
<Multi_key> <e> <p> <s> : "ε"
<Multi_key> <z> <e> <t> : "ζ"
<Multi_key> <e> <t> <a> : "η"
<Multi_key> <t> <h> <e> : "θ"
<Multi_key> <i> <o> <t> : "ι"
<Multi_key> <k> <a> <p> : "κ"
<Multi_key> <l> <a> <m> : "λ"
<Multi_key> <m> <u>     : "μ"
<Multi_key> <n> <u>     : "ν"
<Multi_key> <x> <i>     : "ξ"
<Multi_key> <o> <m> <i> : "ο"
<Multi_key> <p> <i>     : "π"
<Multi_key> <r> <h> <o> : "ρ"
<Multi_key> <s> <t> <i> : "ς"
<Multi_key> <s> <i> <g> : "σ"
<Multi_key> <t> <a> <u> : "τ"
<Multi_key> <u> <p> <s> : "υ"
<Multi_key> <p> <h> <i> : "φ"
<Multi_key> <c> <h> <i> : "χ"
<Multi_key> <p> <s> <i> : "ψ"
<Multi_key> <o> <m> <e> : "ω"

# Uppercase Greek
<Multi_key> <A> <l> <p> : "Α"
<Multi_key> <B> <e> <t> : "Β"
<Multi_key> <G> <a> <m> : "Γ"
<Multi_key> <D> <e> <l> : "Δ"
<Multi_key> <E> <p> <s> : "Ε"
<Multi_key> <Z> <e> <t> : "Ζ"
<Multi_key> <E> <t> <a> : "Η"
<Multi_key> <T> <h> <e> : "Θ"
<Multi_key> <I> <o> <t> : "Ι"
<Multi_key> <K> <a> <p> : "Κ"
<Multi_key> <L> <a> <m> : "Λ"
<Multi_key> <M> <u>     : "Μ"
<Multi_key> <N> <u>     : "Ν"
<Multi_key> <X> <i>     : "Ξ"
<Multi_key> <O> <m> <i> : "Ο"
<Multi_key> <P> <i>     : "Π"
<Multi_key> <R> <h> <o> : "Ρ"
<Multi_key> <S> <i> <g> : "Σ"
<Multi_key> <T> <a> <u> : "Τ"
<Multi_key> <U> <p> <s> : "Υ"
<Multi_key> <P> <h> <i> : "Φ"
<Multi_key> <C> <h> <i> : "Χ"
<Multi_key> <P> <s> <i> : "Ψ"
<Multi_key> <O> <m> <e> : "Ω"

<Multi_key> <A> <L> <P> : "Α"
<Multi_key> <B> <E> <T> : "Β"
<Multi_key> <G> <A> <M> : "Γ"
<Multi_key> <D> <E> <L> : "Δ"
<Multi_key> <E> <P> <S> : "Ε"
<Multi_key> <Z> <E> <T> : "Ζ"
<Multi_key> <E> <T> <A> : "Η"
<Multi_key> <T> <H> <E> : "Θ"
<Multi_key> <I> <O> <T> : "Ι"
<Multi_key> <K> <A> <P> : "Κ"
<Multi_key> <L> <A> <M> : "Λ"
<Multi_key> <M> <U>     : "Μ"
<Multi_key> <N> <U>     : "Ν"
<Multi_key> <X> <I>     : "Ξ"
<Multi_key> <O> <M> <I> : "Ο"
<Multi_key> <P> <I>     : "Π"
<Multi_key> <R> <H> <O> : "Ρ"
<Multi_key> <S> <I> <G> : "Σ"
<Multi_key> <T> <A> <U> : "Τ"
<Multi_key> <U> <P> <S> : "Υ"
<Multi_key> <P> <H> <I> : "Φ"
<Multi_key> <C> <H> <I> : "Χ"
<Multi_key> <P> <S> <I> : "Ψ"
<Multi_key> <O> <M> <E> : "Ω"

#Uppercase Russian
<Multi_key> <A> <H>	: "А"
<Multi_key> <B> <E> <H> : "Б"
<Multi_key> <V> <E> <H> : "В"
<Multi_key> <T> <E> <H> : "Г"
<Multi_key> <D> <E> <H> : "Д"
<Multi_key> <Y> <E>	: "Е"
<Multi_key> <Y> <O>	: "Ё"
<Multi_key> <X> <E> <H> : "Ж"
<Multi_key> <Z> <E> <H> : "З"
<Multi_key> <I> <H> <.> : "И"
<Multi_key> <I> <K> <R> : "Й"
<Multi_key> <K> <A> <H> : "К"
<Multi_key> <E> <H> <L> : "Л"
<Multi_key> <E> <H> <M> : "М"
<Multi_key> <E> <H> <N> : "Н"
<Multi_key> <O> <H>	: "О"
<Multi_key> <P> <E> <H> : "П"
<Multi_key> <R> <R>	: "Р"
<Multi_key> <E> <H> <S> : "С"
<Multi_key> <T> <I>	: "Т"
<Multi_key> <U> <U>	: "У"
<Multi_key> <E> <H> <F> : "Ф"
<Multi_key> <C> <H> <A> : "Х"
<Multi_key> <T> <S>	: "Ц"
<Multi_key> <C> <H>	: "Ч"
<Multi_key> <S> <H> <A> : "Ш"
<Multi_key> <S> <S> <A> : "Щ"
<Multi_key> <T> <V> <Y> : "Ъ"
<Multi_key> <I> <H> <,> : "Ы"
<Multi_key> <M> <Y> <A> : "Ь"
<Multi_key> <E> <H>	: "Э"
<Multi_key> <Y> <U>	: "Ю"
<Multi_key> <Y> <A>	: "Я"

#Lowercase Russian
<Multi_key> <A> <h>	: "а"
<Multi_key> <B> <e> <h> : "б"
<Multi_key> <V> <e> <h> : "в"
<Multi_key> <T> <e> <h> : "г"
<Multi_key> <D> <e> <h> : "д"
<Multi_key> <Y> <e>	: "е"
<Multi_key> <Y> <o>	: "ё"
<Multi_key> <X> <e> <h> : "ж"
<Multi_key> <Z> <e> <h> : "з"
<Multi_key> <I> <h> <.> : "и"
<Multi_key> <I> <k> <r> : "й"
<Multi_key> <K> <a> <h> : "к"
<Multi_key> <E> <h> <l> : "л"
<Multi_key> <E> <h> <m> : "м"
<Multi_key> <E> <h> <n> : "н"
<Multi_key> <O> <h>	: "о"
<Multi_key> <P> <e> <h> : "п"
<Multi_key> <R> <r>	: "р"
<Multi_key> <E> <h> <s> : "с"
<Multi_key> <T> <i>	: "т"
<Multi_key> <U> <u>	: "у"
<Multi_key> <E> <h> <f> : "ф"
<Multi_key> <C> <h> <a> : "х"
<Multi_key> <T> <s>	: "ц"
<Multi_key> <C> <h>	: "ч"
<Multi_key> <S> <h> <a> : "ш"
<Multi_key> <S> <s> <a> : "щ"
<Multi_key> <T> <v> <y> : "ъ"
<Multi_key> <I> <h> <,> : "ы"
<Multi_key> <M> <y> <a> : "ь"
<Multi_key> <E> <h>	: "э"
<Multi_key> <Y> <u>	: "ю"
<Multi_key> <Y> <a>	: "я"

none of these key combos work for me, and everything before the Russian entries work on an Arch installation.
I have restarted X, as well as rebooted my computer.
They still have no effect.
I saw a bug related to GTK+,.XCompose and xim, but this is a problem in all apps, regardless of toolkit.
not sure where to go from here.

-- System Information:
Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.30-5.slh.1-sidux-686 (SMP w/2 CPU cores; PREEMPT)
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.utf8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/dash

Versions of packages console-setup depends on:
ii  console-terminus              4.28-1     Fixed-width fonts for fast reading
ii  debconf [debconf-2.0]         1.5.27     Debian configuration management sy
ii  xkb-data                      1.6-1      X Keyboard Extension (XKB) configu

Versions of packages console-setup recommends:
ii  kbd                           1.15-3     Linux console font and keytable ut

Versions of packages console-setup suggests:
ii  locales                       2.9-26     GNU C Library: National Language (
ii  lsb-base                      3.2-23     Linux Standard Base 3.2 init scrip

-- debconf information:
* console-setup/variant: USA - Colemak
  console-setup/unsupported_options: true
* console-setup/ctrl_alt_bksp: true
  console-setup/modelcode: pc104
  console-setup/fontsize: 16
  console-setup/unsupported_layout: true
  console-setup/layoutcode: us
  console-setup/codesetcode: Uni2
* console-setup/altgr: Menu key
* console-setup/ttys: /dev/tty[1-6]
* console-setup/codeset: . Combined - Latin; Slavic Cyrillic; Greek
  console-setup/toggle: No toggling
* console-setup/fontface: Fixed
* console-setup/fontsize-text: 16
* console-setup/compose: Right Alt
  console-setup/switch: No temporary switch
  console-setup/unsupported_config_layout: true
* console-setup/charmap: UTF-8
  console-setup/optionscode: lv3:menu_switch,compose:ralt,terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp
  console-setup/unsupported_config_options: true
* console-setup/layout: USA
  console-setup/variantcode: colemak
* console-setup/model: Generic 104-key PC
* console-setup/fontsize-fb: 16

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