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Bug#545047: tasksel: iamerican and ibritish are no longer standard, readjust language tasks as needed.

Package: tasksel
Version: 2.80
Severity: important

Continuing from 

Frans Pop wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 August 2009, Agustin Martin wrote:
>> I am about to ask dictionaries-common priority be changed to optional
>> in the override file. Also, ispell maintainer has also uploaded ispell,
>> iamerican and ibritish with optional priority (not yet changed in the
>> override file).
>> Are those changes OK in the override file at this time from the
>> debian-installer point of view?
> Yes, it seems to me that this is the correct time to do this.
> Could you please file an important BR against tasksel with the request to 
> update language tasks if/as needed for the change in priority? That way 
> the tasksel maintainers will have a reminder to look into it.

Filing the important bug against tasksel,

The global override file is already changed, so ispell, iamerican, ibritish
and dictionaries-common are all now of optional priority instead of standard
as were before. Please update language tasks as appropriate.



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