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Bug#545154: grub-pc: on upgrade other OS are not carried over, and os-prober does not work

reassign 545154 grub-pc
retitle 545154 grub-pc should depend or at least recommend os-prober

On Sa, 05 Sep 2009, Felix Zielcke wrote:
> That's a bug in os-prober then. We just call it and make the output of
> it to a menu entry for grub2.

And via that remark I only learned of the existence of os-prober.
That is a bug in grub-pc, not in os-prober, I did not have it installed.
Installing it renders the generated grub.cfg more reasonable.

The problem is that upgrading grub-legacy to grub-pc breaks
existing configuration as long as you not at least recommend os-prober.

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