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Re: d-i git repo: sample conversion

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> > We discussed switching to git at DebConf, and came up with a compromise
> > plan that seemed reasonable to all in attendance[1]: Split each d-i
> > package into its own git repository[2], but leave the manual[3] and
> > packages/po[4] in svn. Investigate using submodules[6] and/or mr
> > to tie the git repositories together.
> I've started to look at this. Will reply in a few days.

Hello Frans (sorry for the CC which is mostly meant to double check
that you don't overread this by accident),

Have you made some progress here? During the team meeting today, there
is a rough consensus that we should move on but all of us agreed that
you could have interesting comments and, even if they aren't as
polished as you would like to, it would be interesting to have your
first comments.

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