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Re: [Python-modules-commits] r21454 - in packages/prettytable/trunk/debian (changelog) Re: [Python-modules-team] numpy 1.6.1 into unstable? Re: About #625481 and uploading python-mocker to Sid. autopkgtest'ing against multiple Python versions Re: Bug#573745: Please decide on Python interpreter packages maintainership Re: Bug#573745: pythonX.Y maintenance team Re: Bug#625481: About #625481 and uploading python-mocker to Sid. Bug#668841: RFS: yp-svipc/0.13-1 [ITP] -- System V InterProcess Communication for Python/Yorick Bug#669404: ITP: alembic -- lightweight database migration tool for SQLAlchemy Doubt about developing plugins for python applications DPMT/PAPT PET no longer updated Re: How do I add support for python3 to my package? How to create and publish documentation in pydoc? how to take a public package private? Re: Packaging python-mocker and cloud-init in Debian ? please help with a pbuilder error on local debug. public python package that maybe should be privite. Re: py.test is not in debian anymore PyPI to Debian repository converter (GSoC 2012 project) pythonX.Y maintenance team RFS: dparser-1.16-1 [ITP] -- a scannerless GLR parser generator RFS: python-unicodecsv (Closes: #669678) Re: RFS: python3-dateutil Re: shebang lines for Python scripts warning: symbol PyLong_FromUnsignedLong... The last update was on 14:22 GMT Sun Oct 23. There are 149 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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