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Re: How do I add support for python3 to my package?

[Paul Elliott, 2012-04-18]
> I am not a expert python packager. I am dubious about a bunch of cargo cult 
> packagers all writing seperate but similar debian/rules complications.
> It seems like one is creating a lot of debugging/maintainance problems.
> Why can not some expert that really know what she is doing write the 
> neccessary infrastructure so that one could write
> > %:
> >         dh $@ --with python2-and-python3

--with should not really be used for build systems, there's
--buildsystem... anyway, please wait a little bit longer, I plan to work on
it really soon now (I want to have it in Wheezy so I have a month or so
to add it to python3-defaults)
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