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Re: RFS: python-unicodecsv (Closes: #669678)

* Thomas Bechtold <thomasbechtold@jpberlin.de>, 2012-04-26, 06:48:
i fixed all the stuff (see comments below) and uploaded a new package to mentors.debian.net . if there are no other issues, i'll add the debian-dir to the python-modules svn

Please feel free to inject the package even though there are some (minor) issues. :) We turn a blind eye to non-perfect packages in our svn. ;)

thanks. i forwarded the patch upstream and included the patch in debian/patches

I think Forwared should be simply:

Forwarded: https://github.com/jdunck/python-unicodecsv/pull/11

(The DEP-3 specifications reads: “Any value other than "no" or "not-needed"
means that the patch has been forwarded upstream. Ideally the value is an URL
proving that it has been forwarded and where one can find more information
about its inclusion status.”)

Please test against all supported Python versions, not only the default one.
at build time? how to do this? what are the build dependencies in debian/control

...But you shouldn't have removed "python (>= 2.6.6-3~)", as this version is needed for dh_python2. Alternatively, you could make python-all versioned. (This is not very important, as the required version is available in stable anyway.)

What are "build/*" in debian/clean and "rmdir unicodecsv.egg-info | true" in debian/rules for? They look suspicious to me.

Jakub Wilk

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